Carryover Your Tier Credits

Get a head start on your balance for next year!

Carryover Tier Credits is an amenity in the B Connected program to provide our guests with a jumpstart to their tier level in the new year. 
At the start of 2020, guests are eligible to receive Carryover Tier Credits that they earned in excess of the base for their tier in 2019.  These Tier Credits are awarded to help make it easier for our guests to reach the same (or higher) tier next year.  Their account must be in good standing to be eligible for Carryover Tier Credits.

Carryover Tier Credits:

End of Year Tier Credit Balance Carryover Tier Credits
750 - 14,999 Up to 500
15,000 - 49,999 Up to 5,000
50,000 - 199,999 Up to 10,000
200,000 + Up to 40,000

Carryover Tier Credits will be awarded based on the year-end Tier Credit Total a guest has earned above the minimum for that Tier Level.  There is a maximum number of Carryover Tier Credits a guest may be awarded per level.  Tier Credits will be set to zero on January 1st, 2020, and Carryover Tier Credits will be awarded no later than January 30, 2020. 


  • If a guest’s year-end Tier Credit total is 18,000, the guest will be awarded 3,000 Carryover Tier Credits.   18,000 – 15,000 = 3,000 (below the max of 5,000)
  • If a guest’s year-end Tier Credits are 280,000, the guest will be awarded 40,000 Carryover Tier Credits.   280,000 – 200,000 > 40,000 (awarded the max Carryover Tier Credits eligible for this tier level) 
Guests are only eligible to carry over the up to maximum in the Tier Credit level they are in.  They are not eligible for the additional carryover tier credits from previous tiers.  A guest’s Tier does not impact the eligible amount of Carryover Tier Credits; only the guest’s earned Tier Credit balance in 2019 affects the Carryover amount. 


See B Connected for complete details. Management reserves all rights.